Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mall = Playground and French Fries

(8:10 am)
Grady Lee: Mom, what we gonna do now?
Mom: Well, I'm doing the laundry and I need to dust and vacuum. And, our fridge is looking pretty bare so we need to get groceries too.
GL: I wanna do something fun, Mom.
M: What if we get a special treat at the grocery store?
GL: No. I wanna go bye-bye and play.
M: (In my mind - "Go bye-bye and play? What does that mean...?") How about if we go to the Pet Store after we get groceries and we can look at all the fish?
GL: No. I wanna go bye-bye and play at the mall.
M: (In my mind - "Sigh. Again?!?!) That's a good idea! I'm going to clean for an hour and you play for an hour. And, if you can play nicely while I get some things done, we'll go to the mall and play.
GL: Micah! We need to hurry and play so we can go to the mall!
(Insert the sound of the toy boxes being emptied and every toy in our home being pulled, crashed, dumped, raced, etc. It's true: you can't have fun playing unless there is a total and complete mess. Especially when mom is trying to clean!)

Now, most moms would rejoice to hear their kids excited about going to the mall. But, mind you, in the minds of my toddlers, going to the mall equals playing on the playground and, if they obey, getting french fries or a giant pretzel. Going to the mall does not involve shopping. At all. Ever.

So, I made arrangements to meet a friend and her little ones at the mall play area. If I can't actually shop at the mall, I sure better have a friend to talk to at least!

Problem: Evv-erry-thing is on sale right now! It was terrible to walk past store after store with sale and clearance signs screaming at me to come in and shop. But, with two toddlers - both anxious to play and promising to obey because they really wanted french fries - there was no time for shopping.

The boys played. They climbed, slid, jumped, and drove. (Who knew that three toddler boys could drive the same car at the same time? Good grief, I can hardly drive the family car when my husband is sitting in the passenger seat next to me because I'm so self-conscious.)

The boys obeyed and were kind - and so they got some french fries. (Actually, the whole french fry thing was more for me than them... any excuse to get french fries and I am all over the opportunity!)

So, cleaning and laundry and the mall. That was my Thursday. What did you do today?


  1. Sounds like a GREAT day to me! Since you asked . . . The kids "helped" me do the following: tighten the screws on the train table, move it back to place (now that the tree is gone); mopped my master bath - (the kids used Lysol wipes to do their floor); cut out paper snowflakes; and now Garrett is begging to make a mask out of a paper bag - better get that done - oh and I did manage to walk & shower :) pretty good day as well!

  2. I'd say that sounds like a majorly productive day! But it IS agony to go to the mall & not be able to shop one bit!
    My Thursday was take kids to school, look at stain samples, have breakfast with hubby & baby, put laundry away, clean out a closet, pick up kids, pick up kids, pick up kids...

  3. We had a super fun day today. AM playgroup with friends over, realize its super nice out when friends leave, grab a quick lunch and go for a walk, get inspired by neighbor kids riding bikes, go home to ride bikes, meet new neighbors with kids our kids age so another impromtu playgroup starts up with balls and bikes and chalk...Not a bad way to spend a day sandwiched inbetween two playdates. No I got nothing much accomplished but had tons of fun. Oh, yeah got to run as I've got a candyland game awaiting my arrival...


  4. Sarah...I can NOT go to the mall anytime in the near future. There are stores calling my name...actually a nice pair of boots are. But my wallet is protesting and I just can't deal with the controversy that insues! I applaud you friend, for only buying fries! That takes true discipline!!! I must learn from you!

  5. I seriously can relate to every post that you write on here. It must be the having 2 boys things:) I have to say I would love to sit on my deck drinking coffe, but with 2 feet of snow that would really be unbearable:0 Thanks for the fun blog, friend:)