Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friends, Food, Fellowship

Our family headed over to the Robinson family home Saturday evening for some loud, crazy, dump-all-the-toys-on-the-floor, fun, pizza-filled, yummy-baked-cookie evening.

Since you weren't there, I'll provide some details so you can pretend you were there:
- Kids running around and blowing train whistles
- Kids inside a Thomas the Train tent... making it race around the kitchen and hallway as though it actually were Thomas
- Soccer balls and footballs flying through the air at random times
- Nerf dart guns (more like machine guns) blitzing the front door
- Trucks and cars racing underfoot
- A very bewildered kitty-cat wondering what in the world has invaded his once-quiet home

And, in the midst of all this, the Dad's realized they needed to step away to get the pizza. Question: why can't the Mom's ever get the pizza? Ten minutes of quiet in the car is nice for us too, you know. (Just sayin'.)

When 7:00 pm rolled around, all four kids put on jammies, brushed teeth, read stories, said prayers, and were finally ready for bed. Micah was so tuckered out he didn't bat an eye about sleeping in a new bedroom... his head hit the sheet and he was out. Grady Lee, however, was a little concerned about the shadows on his wall.

Grady Lee: "There's a funny shadow on my wall!"
Mom: "Yup - because this is a new room so it has new shadows that you're not used to. It's okay."
GL: "I not like the shadows. Will you sleep with me?"
M: "Nope - Mom is going to go downstairs and play games with my friends now. You need to go night-night, alright?"
GL: "Okay. But you're staying here, right?"
M: "Right. I'll just be downstairs."
GL: "Yeah, but Jesus is right here on my pillow next to me."
M: (Wanting to wipe a tear because it was such a stinking cute comment) "You're right Buddy. Jesus is right next to you. Night-Night..."

And so, with four kids in bed, the four adults had a chance to talk without Nerf darts flying or Thomas roaring by.

If I was thinking I would have snapped a picture of the Robinson game closet. I promise you this: you've never seen anything like it. I bet they single-handedly keep the game aisle at Toys R Us in business. They have them all.

We played and talked through several new games and I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard I burned off my four slices of pizza and three cookies from dinner. (And, if you are ever playing a game and given the question, "How much money would you require to take off all your clothes right now?" be sure to think long and hard before you answer! That's all I'm going to say on that...!)


  1. Sounds like a GREAT evening! And your Grady Lee, is he the sweetest or what?!! Great idea to put the kids to bed & let the big kids play games!

  2. Uhhh, okay? Hm...I am now convinced that we will NOT be playing games at the Robinson house with the Peelers! :-) What game was that?
    And did you really eat all that pizza? I find that hard to believe!!! :-)

  3. OK wait a minute...Game night at the Robinsons is always a hit :-).....that was just an odd ball question, with a hillarious answer!!!

    It was a really old game called Split Second (just that, you are supposed to answer that fast) I am still smiling everytime I think of that night--- what about spewing soda all over the table?!?!?