Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sending out some TLC

Remember being in college, stopping by the mail center, and finding nothing in your box? Remember feeling devastated when your friends were giddy about cookies grandma sent or laundry money mom sent... and you got, well, your student statement for next semester's charges?

I do.

Since Grady and I, along with a couple others, are working with the (amazing!) college group at our church, we decided to be sure no one felt left out this semester and that everyone got a little TLC mailed to them.

I roamed the snack aisles at Harris Teeter and stacked boxes in my cart of things I would have enjoyed getting in college. (Actually, of snacks I would enjoy getting now.) Of course I had my boys with me and we were in one of the pain-in-the-rear race car grocery carts. Grady Lee kept saying, "Mom, we can't fit more stuff in here or we'll crash! My steering wheel can't work with so much stuff!"

When we got home, I spread the stash on my dining room table and got to work.

While I stuffed envelopes, the boys were entertained with coloring their "fort" and making it "look really cool and tough." (Side note: diaper delivery day is the best day for two toddlers. Big boxes for forts and boats and towers and well, you name it.)

An hour or so later and 45 envelopes were stuffed and ready to go.

More than just snacks, though, we want to let each person know that we have an amazing God who loves them and is capable of encouraging them and helping them in ways no one else can. Our prayer is Isaiah 26:8. Check it out.

Fast forward to 7:00 pm and several of those amazing college kids came over for a night of junk food and games. And PlayDoh. Seriously.

We had a great time, and this 30-something-year-old is feeling ttiirreedd today. I admit it: I'm a late-night wimp. I can't do the laugh-and-talk-and-eat-and-hang-out-until-12:30 am-thing very well anymore. But, our door is always open and it's so fun to have them at our place. I think next time they should just bring sleeping bags and stay the night.


  1. College care packages are the BEST! I still remember getting them from my church & the way it blessed me!
    Looks like a fun evening, too...and I don't think one can ever really out-grow Playdoh!

  2. Praise God for the work you all are doing! What a great outreach and encouragement college students.