Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cell Phone Unload

When my phone alerted me I was low on memory, I decided I should unload my pictures and videos. 


I had a lot of them. Most I deleted, many I saved, and a few I'll share. Here are a few random pics from this late spring and summer...

Annalyse has developed quite an interest in doing hair. It's not unusual to find her American Girl dolls with several pigtails, multiple barrettes, and numerous bows. And let's not forget her toy horses - their manes and tails are perfect for twisting and braiding, too. 

I let her "do" my hair one evening and this is the fabulous style I was given.
These two girls have birthdays just a few months apart, and despite living on opposite sides of town, enjoy spending time together and pick up where they left off from their last time giggling and whispering and playing.
My handsome ball players gave me flowers before one of their last games of the season. And, for the record, both gave me hugs and kisses - UNPROMPTED - in front of everyone.
We spent a day in Colombia, SC watching the Fireflies play. Why? Because Tim Tebow! We missed the chance for an autograph and picture because of rain delays, but we sure did have fun watching him hit a home run and play well.
Admittedly, there were moments when the guys were all in watching the game, and Annalyse and I decided that taking selfies was more entertaining.
Look who had his first visit to the dentist! Jaxton was a rock star - he sat so still, politely answered all the hygienists questions, and earned a sticker and prize from the treasure box afterward. He also exited the building by giving anyone in sight a high five, so that's a plus.
The kids helped me spend several hours (!!) filling up 500 water balloons for a water fight with several friends. Add in a slip 'n slide and a garden hose and you have a recipe for a LOT of water fun.
Grady asked the boys to join him on a guys weekend in Atlanta, and only Grady Lee was able to go. Micah had an all-star baseball tournament that he chose to play in, but Grady Lee was thrilled to spend one-on-one time with Dad and take in two Braves games.
I've lost track of how many summer birthday parties we've enjoyed, but each one has inevitably involved swimming!
Micah doing his thing: doing anything but keeping his feet on the ground. This boy will climb and swing and jump and hang from anything most anywhere. His eyes only see Ninja Warrior opportunity when he's walking around.
Some gracious friends recently purchased two horses and invited us over for a day of riding. My kids had so much fun and did great riding independently. They've ridden horses several times before, but it's all been trail riding. Being in charge of managing reins, giving ribs a kick, and getting the horse to trot were big steps that they handled well!
This little guy enjoyed several laps around the gated area, but was upset that he couldn't hold the reins and ride by himself. He had no fear or hesitation to fed, hug, pet, and ride the horses. (One word: Independent.)
We spent a weekend near Asheville with extended family. Games, hiking, scavenger hunts, and LOTS of laughter and shenanigans with cousins.
Here's the whole entourage - minus 13 (or more?) that couldn't make it. The tribe keeps on growing!

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