Monday, July 24, 2017

Lake Michigan

Imagine the ocean without the salt. Without the jellyfish and threat of sharks. Without palm trees and sea shells. And without a tide.
You've imagined Lake Michigan. And I promise it's even more wonderful to experience than imagine. 
I grew up playing on its shores and have explored a fair share of beaches, dune systems, piers, and towns. It never gets old and every year on a return trip home I hope for the chance to see it. 

Lake Michigan really is all that.
But to be fair and honest, having spent the last 11 years in close proximity to the ocean, I prefer the ocean as a vacation destination. The warmth of the water, the sight of palm trees, and the the roll of the waves is relaxing in its own right.
Our family recently spent a week in Michigan and enjoyed seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The 13-hour drive there is always worth it once we have the joy of spending time with family!
As is to be expected with Michigan weather, we had our share of cool temps and rainy days. But, all in all, the weather cooperated and allowed us to enjoy being outdoors. And the cool mornings and evenings with windows open was a huge treat coming from the hot and humid south!
My parents, brothers, and sis in law joined us for a picnic and day at the beach... until it started to downpour and the day was cut short. No pics of our time together, but that's just because we were cramming in the fun before the clouds let loose.
Traveling to the Midwest? Enjoying time along Lake Michigan is a must.

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