Monday, May 1, 2017

Folly Beach, SC

Summer is here! Almost. 

Having already visited the beach, and with only two weeks of school left, it's safe to say our brains are in summer-mode. 
Most days the windows are open, but there have been several days already with the air conditioning turned on. The lawn mower has been out doing its thing for several weeks now. Leaves and flowers are in full bloom. The days are long and the nights are short. Time to shift gears to flip flops and sunscreen!
(Side note: The Carolinas are the best. Mountains, beaches, four seasons, big cities, small towns, history, culture. Is there more to want?)
Grady and I got in the water to our knees, while our kids splashed and swam and jumped waves as though the 65 degree water was 80 degrees. Purple lips and shaking bodies aside, they had a great time.
It's happened. It has actually and finally happened. We are now proud parents that sit in beach chars relaxing and talking while our kids play and swim without needing us to hover and rescue from pummeling waves or to scoop shovelfuls of sand out of mouths,

And this is a beautiful thing.
Summer 2017 - we're ready for you! Heat, humidity, bugs, and all.

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  1. Congrats
    on arriving to beach chair status. I had it in my grasp and let it slip away. I'm back to hovering under umbrellas to avoid baby sunburn and keeping her from eating sand all summer!