Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Walk Out Back

We have a pretty good rhythm over here. Not a schedule, because that sounds like specific times and commitments, but more of a routine with ebb and flow for impromptu changes. Like add-on field trips. Or last minute park dates. Or picnics just because. Or watching a movie because it kind-of sort-of relates to what we're learning.
Most days we begin school work at 9:00, break at 11:00 for chores, recess, and lunch, and finish out the school day by 2:00. Tuesdays are much different because of co-op, and Fridays are much different because of Bible study. But, generally speaking.
Jaxton naps most every day from 1-3:00 and the older three lay on their beds and read from 2-3:00. And guess what? This part of the day isn't grumbled about or whined over; it's anticipated. Really, it is. I've made quiet time a part of our rhythm ever since they phased out of naps. It's a natural and expected part of our day.
When quiet time ends at 3:00, kids burst out of their rooms for snacks and to head outside. Now that the temps are perfect to be outdoors and mosquitoes aren't a problem, my boys seem to live in the backyard woods. I am looking to buy a dinner bell I can ring so they know when to head inside; neighbors will appreciate when I can stop yelling from the back deck for my boys to come home.
A couple of days ago we all set off for a long afternoon walk after quiet time. I had dinner in the crock pot so there were no worries on that; the baseball season was over and soccer practice wasn't until the following day so there were no thoughts on preparing for evening commitments.
We walked, explored, jumped, climbed, threw, smelled, crossed, collected, and laughed in the backyard woods. For two hours.

Two hours of nothing but nature and my kids. No screens. No toys. No bickering. Just fresh air, sunshine, a creek, and the woods.

Thanks, God, for the gift of family. The gift of homeschooling. The gift of nature. The gift of autumn.

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