Sunday, October 9, 2016

Belated Summertime Fun

Look at these oldies but goodies I found the other day! And by old, I mean this past summer.
We hosted a Fourth of July cookout and enjoyed a full house with lots of friends and laughter. Twelve kids running the cul de sac at 9:00 while waving sparklers is a sight to behold.
The steamy days and not-really-that-cool-but-because-the-sun-is-down-it's-bearable evenings of July already seem so long ago. And I'm not complaining; we've since moved on to bonfires, smores, and football.
Nana also came for a weekend visit and brought belated birthday gifts for Grady Lee.
A new scooter! A man-size one that can handle this way-too-tall 10-year old. Bonus: kickstand included, so there is one less thing to step over in the garage.
Drum roll please.

With very little effort on my part, other than finally giving intentional time to the task, Jaxton is potty trained. Not a single accident since moving to Tonka Truck undies and he's gained an extra two inches in the waist and seat of all his shorts and pants. 

He's also found new places to store his Nerf guns. Win.
I've lost track of how many birthdays and Christmases Grady Lee has asked to go to a Panther's football game. It's what he's hoped for and wanted for a very long time.

This past June, we decided that turning 10 merited a special gift. His jaw dropped and a grin consumed his face when he opened a Cam Newton jersey and realized he had tickets to a Panther's game. 

Game day finally arrived and my football lover couldn't have been more excited. He has said numerous times it was his "most fun day ever!" (Take that Disney World.)
Now. Summer is officially over. Way over.

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