Sunday, August 7, 2016

Family in Michigan

Our annual trip to Michigan: thirteen (very) long hours in the van with almost unlimited movies, video games, and snacks in order to maintain the peace. 

Honestly, the older three ride like champions - road trips are old hat for them by now. Jaxton, however, hasn't gotten the memo that he needs to ride quietly and contentedly and that he should take a nap. Thirteen hours in the car would go MUCH quicker if at least 10 minutes were spent sleeping.
Our week with family was spent all over - along Lake Michigan, at Mackinac Island and Sleeping Bear Dunes, and visiting with extended family. Too many pictures and too many stories and too many memories to easily condense, so I'll make three separate posts with some of the highlights.
We woke up one morning to thunder and pouring rain, because it's impossible to visit Michigan and not endure a thunderstorm or snow storm. Undeterred, we loaded up the cooler, gathered the beach gear, and headed out for a day at Lake Michigan!
By the time we arrived, the rain had stopped, the clouds were thinning, and we were set up for a day of fun. Swimming, wave jumping, kayaking, playing, and grilling - and with eventual sunshine!
The water was relatively warm - 64 degrees - and the waves were somewhat big so it made being in the water fun. Even Jaxton, the kid who hates cold water, had fun splashing in the waves and kayaking.
Lake Michigan... you'll never grow old or become boring to me. Always beautiful and always something new. BUT, I'm happy to bid adieu for 10 months of the year when you're too cold to get in and enjoy.
A while back Annalyse expressed an interest in learning to sew, and my mom jumped all over that. Through the years she's tried to pique my interest, to no avail, so she was eager to come up with a simple project for her and Analyse: a pillowcase!
This picture is a special, capturing the four generations of girls. My kids are blessed to have opportunities to be with their great grandparents.
We gathered for a picnic with my dad's side of the family and enjoyed a relaxing evening together. Always lots of laughter and always lots of "Remember when..." kinds of stories.
Next up: Pictures from our adventures at Mackinac Island!

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