Thursday, July 21, 2016

And Just Like That He's Ten Years Old

It's a strange thing, having a 10 year old. 

Happy - and sad. 

It's about time - and slow down. 

Let's do it - and stop the clock.
Having a 10-year old, for me, is the opposites. Excited my little man is becoming a young man, and yet nervous at the pace he is growing and the shrinking time I have him still in my home.
His chiseled features show strength and muscle and fast-approaching manliness. But his emotions and communication abilities remind me he's still a young boy with plenty of manners to learn and social cues to master.
When I stop and think about how much he has learned and how much he has overcome, I am proud of his determination and thankful for God's patience. 
But, if I'm honest, when I focus on the here-and-now I'm often overwhelmed wondering if he'll ever get "it." And the "it" involves so many things. Maybe that's a parenting thing. Or just a mom thing. Or just a personal pride thing. Probably a combination of all those things.
Grady Lee is a hard worker - the more physical, the more demanding, the heavier the load, the sweatier he can get, it's all the better. 
He is a willing helper. First to carry in groceries, first to wheel out and wheel in the trash, first to run to a younger sibling when they're hurt, first to help me in the kitchen, and first to get his daily chores done. 
He has a teachable spirit. True, I say a lot of the same things again and again, but that's indicative of persistent teaching and shepherding, not an unwillingness to listen. For Grady, some things will always be a challenge that for other kids would never be an issue. He knows that, he doesn't like that, and he wants to change that. But he knows practice makes perfect and that God hasn't finished what he started in him.
My firstborn, my undeserved gift, my buddy, and my handsome young man. I love you - for always.

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