Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This is a no-judgement zone, right? A safe place. A haven. An I've-neglected-this-blog-and-have-no-reason-why-but-you-just-smile-and-say-you-don't-mind kind of place. 

Right? RIGHT?

Journey with me as I recap the past month, and then come back later for more details and pics. 
School ended mid-May and it seemed every other day was spent meeting friends here, there, and everywhere for a visit to a different park, playground, pool, or picnic area. Our swimsuits, towels, cooler, and water bottles were connected to us. 

Mission: Play Outside Before It's Scorching Hot. Result: Wild success.

Spring sports turned into summer sports because several rain-out games were rescheduled and rescheduled and rescheduled. 

Annalyse loved her first season of soccer. She went from prancing along the outskirts to running and kicking in the midst of the pack. Atta girl!

The boys completed their second season of baseball and their team made it to the championship game. There is something mystifying about tweener boys chanting from the dug-out in squeaky, voice-cracking yells, while wearing cups a hundred sizes too big for their young bodies, and donning red Gatorade stained smiles. 
Grady had a large work-related project in Germany and I was able to spend one week with him venturing around Berlin, Heidleberg, and Frankfurt. Seven days together to sight see, soak in a different culture, and gain perspective on important parts of history. We had THE best time!
After Grady's six weeks in Germany were done, we were all happy to have Dad home! God gave grace and strength to enable me to keep kids alive and our house standing, but hands down our family and home operate best when Dad is here. And, thankfully the washing machine, upstairs air conditioner, and freezer didn't stop working until the day after he came home. (How's that for a welcome home gift?)
The kids and I spent a day with friends venturing to South Mountain for a full day of hiking, swimming, and waterfall beauty. I'm so thankful for where we live... so many fun day trips to play outside. And I'm thankful for backpack carriers. And for kids who can carry their own water bottles and lunch. And for kids who are all adept at peeing by trees.
Annalyse enjoyed a week of Nature Camp and apparently has "three new best friends. I was just hanging up my backpack when a girl asked me to be her friend and I said 'Sure!' and then when we sat down to color there were two other girls and I asked them if they wanted to be my friends too and they said yes. So, basically when it's my birthday party I will have more people that I need to invite."

Mind you, she couldn't remember their names, but was sure to hug them each morning when she arrived and each afternoon when she left.

All kids participated in a week of VBS - and now the songs they learned are stuck in my head. How is that remotely fair? Also, I'm getting awesome at finding sneaky ways to dispose of VBS crafts. Because really, how many coloring pages, pipe cleaner concoctions, and tissue paper things must one really keep?
But, lest you think we've been out and about everyday, I assure you we've had plenty of do-nothing days at home. Once school is out, it means days without plans and lack of predictable routine. Watching cartons until 10:00? Why not. Turn the dining room into a massive fort? Fine with me, so long as I stay busy upstairs and don't have to see the disarray. Playing in the blow-up pool, chalking in the driveway, racing the culdesac on scooters, playing countless board games, and eating popsicles like they're going out of style? Absolutely. Up way past normal bedtimes? Almost a guarantee.
And, last but not least in catching up on this past month, my baby boy turned 10. TEN. Double digits. I can't even. More on my mixed emotions about that later.
There you have it - a month in fast rewind. More pics, more stories, more everything coming later. And hopefully sooner rather than later or I'll be giving another fast rewind on the summer.

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