Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Moments Like These

Relaxed and quiet. Ease-into-the-day kind of mornings. Moments for you to be cozy together.
Strategy and competition. Again and again and again. Moments for you to be best friends and fierce competitors in the same breath.

  Creative and messy. Colors and textures. Moments for you to discover and enjoy.
  You and me. Card games and board games. Moments of just-because-we-want-to.
 Reading and learning. Comfy anywhere you want to be. Moments of pleasure while doing school.
 Interest and excitement. Curious and determined. Moments of impromptu discovery.
Teacher and leader. Follower and copy-cat. Moments of watching big sister love her little brother.
 Squeals and laughs. Splashes and games. Moments of me watching you be what you are: kids!
Moments like these: I cherish. I mentally file away. I linger on.

Because moments like these are fleeting and tomorrow becomes next month which becomes next year. And pretty soon I don't have moments like these anymore.

Moments like these I wouldn't trade. I'm grateful for time - open, lingering, unscheduled time - with you.

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