Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Butterfly Birthday

"A birthday party with butterflies. That's what I want when I turn five, mom." And so, a butterfly birthday party she got. 

Sweet and simple. Less is more. Right?!

Mission accomplished. In spite of hurricane Joaquin - with wind and rain all week but the day of her party.
With the threat of another downpour looming, there was no time to carefully hide butterfly-themed gifts for the scavenger hunt. Instead, I had my boys toss things all over the grass and call it good. In fact, as one parent was dropping his little girl off he began picking up trinkets off the sidewalk because he thought someone accidentally dropped a gift on their way into our house.

Simple. That's how we operate.

Sigh. The love-hate relationship with pinatas. Annalyse really, really wanted one so I really, really bit my tongue and got one. They take forever to rip apart. The suspension cord always snaps. And I don't like loading other kids up with candy.


Because my husband is a rock-star he agreed to hold the pinata if it broke too early; I stuffed it with stickers, bubble gum, and raisins instead of just candy; and with gale-force winds outside the garage ended up working just fine instead of using a tree.

With only a few sprinkles falling, we squeezed in a relay race. Hooray for a straight driveway for girls to run on, and a big "you're welcome" to all of our neighbors for the free entertainment we provided.

"And, can you make me a butterfly cake? One that has pink and purple and yellow?"

Um, no, actually, I can't. And because I'm too cheap to pay a friend $40 to make one for you, we'll have our local grocery store manage butterfly cupcakes instead.

All the right colors. All the right arrangement. Totally a win. (Phew.)

With bunches of new little girl toys because of bunches of generous friends, Annalyse has said time and time again that she had "the best turning five birthday party."
No, not a Pinterest-worthy party. But yes, a memorable time with friends. And it's all my five-year old asked for.

Sweet and simple - it really is true.

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