Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Five Years Old!

My third child to turn five. Each time it happens, five seems so big. So old. So not-a-toddler but so-much-like-a-big-kid-now.

Annalyse Joy turned five this past weekend and enjoyed a terrific birthday! On Saturday she had time to Skype with Nana while opening gifts from her. Certainly not the same as having Nana here to enjoy, but we're thankful for technology that lets us invite extended family into some of the special moments.
Sunday morning, the new FIVE year old had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (per her request), a rousing round of Happy Birthday from kids at church (not per her request), and dinner out at Red Lobster ("crunchy shrimp" was her request). She is looking forward to a simple birthday party with friends this coming weekend and has decided that "having birthday's on two different days is the best because it makes my birthday last a lot longer!"
I sat down with the new five year old and asked her some questions pondering some of the deeper things in life. Here are her thoughts...

Can you think of five places you want to visit this year?
1. When it doesn't rain, I want to go the beach.
2. The American Girl Store.
3. Go out to dinner with our whole family and maybe even some friends can come too.
4. I've never been to Texas, so maybe we can go there.
5. Hhmmm, for my last place, how about if we go to Grandma's and to Nana's house?
Can you think of five things you want to learn this year?
1. Learn how to roller blade!
2. Learn how to tell time.
3. Learn how to ride my bike without training wheels.
4. Learn new gymnastics things, like maybe on the high balance beam.
5. Learn to count all the way up to one billion!
Can you think of five ways you can be a helper this year?
1. Play with Jax.
2. Help you make dinner.
3. Help you with dishes.
4. If you get a rake my size I can help rake leaves. Otherwise, I can just play in them with Jax.
5. To teach Jax how to ride his tricycle.
Can you think of five people who really, really, really love you?
1. Grandma and Grandpa
2. Nana
3. Daddy and you
4. God!!
5. Mrs. Rossy

Can you think of five things you can do to show you love Jesus this year?
1. Worshiping God
2. Telling people about God
3. By being kind
4. By sharing my money with other people
5. Help neighbors rake leaves or pull weeds or shovel snow or wash their car or...


  1. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! Love you so much!

  2. She is so very sweet! Love that girl!!! So glad we could celebrate with her!