Thursday, March 12, 2015

Here, There, and Everywhere

Here, there, and everywhere.
Sometimes the there is more than the here and I have to remind myself that we chose to home school, which would suggest we need more time here
It happens every Spring. The calendar flips to March and it's like the outdoors beg us to come out. Taunt us, even,
The skies are blue, the buds are forming, the critters are coming out of a winter slumber. And my kids are head to toe covered in dirt, head to toe involved in movement and discovery, and head to toe tired when evening rolls around. 
Other friends have the Spring urge, too. We meet for picnics and park dates and agree that learning can happen anytime so the worksheets and textbooks will flex accordingly.
"This has been a pretty good week, right mom?" asks Micah.
"Why is that?" I reply.
"Well, we've hardly been inside at all and we've made a good fort in the woods and went to the park with friends and wore our water shoes in the creek.." He continued rattling on.
While we're here, there, and everywhere, I know you are too. Spring just has a way of doing that. It invigorates, changes perspective, and breathes life.
After a blogging slack in February I thought for sure this month I'd be back in a groove. Not so much. And, worse yet, I've neglected my camera most days. *Gasp* 

So, without picture documentation of simple life experiences, I've got the memory. And the never-ending pile of muddy and grass-stained laundry to remind me.

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