Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Ongoing Birthday Party

Back in late September, Annalyse turned four. A disappointing part of living hundreds of miles from grandparents on your birthday is that they can't always be there to celebrate with you. But, on the bright side, they usually make every effort to visit during the "season" of your birthday and that means an extended birthday celebration! Judging by the fact Annalyse got to choose cupcakes three different times and open gifts three different times, I don't think she minded.

The birthday girl woke up to cinnamon rolls and balloons, but had to wait all day long till Daddy got home before she could open her gifts. She chose Cici's Pizza for dinner, despite the efforts of Grady and I to dissuade her otherwise. 
Once we were all stuffed with less than stellar pizza we came home for Hello Kitty cupcakes. Annalyse requested that we "not sing loud but only whisper because I don't like it when everyone yells when they sing." Um, okay.
A few days after her birthday, Annalyse and I enjoyed a girls night out and spent an evening watching Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes. We had the best time together! She sat in awe of the skating and costumes and songs... and I sat in awe that I was enjoying a special night out with just my little girl.
In mid-October, Nana came for a long weekend visit. And while her trip wasn't just to see Miss Annalyse, she did come with gifts for the birthday girl and we did enjoy Hello Kitty cupcakes. Again. 
And, like before, we all sang Happy Birthday in hushed tones. Kudos to my always-loud boys for accommodating their sister's strange request to sing quietly. I don't think they agreed to this out of love for their sister as much as they knew if they didn't agree they would be excused from the table and miss out on cupcakes and ice cream.
Finally, just a week ago, Grandpa and Grandma came for a quick visit and we celebrated one last hurrah for Annalyse's fourth birthday.

My parents arrived late in the afternoon while the kids were outside playing, which was the perfect time for them to surprise Annalyse with a new bike!
The pictures tell it all - she was thrilled and so excited! Grandma added all the girly details to the bike: a basket, glittery horn, and princess streamers. A day hasn't gone by that Annalyse hasn't been tooling around the culdesac on her new bike, blaring her (obnoxious) horn, and informing every neighbor that's outside that "I have a new bike because I am four now!"
We performed the final round of a whispered Happy Birthday with pink cupcakes and ice cream, and reminded Annalyse that she should not expect three birthday parties every year!


  1. She is so precious!!! So thankful for sweet little A!!! Glad she had so many precious times of celebration!