Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bursting With Love

A couple of weekends ago, my parents came for a weekend visit. It was a long drive for a short time with us. Twenty six hours of driving for 48 hours of visiting, to be precise. That, friends, is love. 

They arrived late in the afternoon when my kids were outside playing. Perfect timing for my dad to unload Annalyse's belated birthday gift: a new bike! My mom had it fully accessorized and Annalyse was thrilled with it.

We spent a couple of hours at the US National Whitewater Center and my boys showed off their rock climbing and high ropes skills. (And, as an unrelated side note, our family has loved our annual passes here. If you're local, consider this as a family Christmas gift!)

My mom insisted on wearing Jax the entire time. I'd offer to give her a break and she'd simply reply, "I don't want you to take him, I just like having him close." That, friends, is a Grandma who loves her grand baby and wants to maximize time with him.

Friday evening my parents walked the neighborhood with GI Joe, a knight in shining armor, Cinderella, and a giraffe. They held a fussy baby, carried buckets of candy, pushed a stroller with a tired four-year old, and patiently ooo-ed and ahh-ed at novelty treats and gimmicks. Yet again, true love.

My mom's birthday is just after Thanksgiving and since we won't be in Michigan for the holiday, we had a simple surprise birthday for her. Annalyse helped me make a pumpkin pie earlier in the week - Grandma's favorite. (Despite having only five candles on the pie, the picture makes it look like an inferno.)
Two days together didn't allow for a lot of hours for a lot of activities, but it did all allow for intentional time to make the most of sharing and laughing and playing and talking.
Seemingly, no sooner had my parents arrived and it was time for them to leave. Saying goodbye hasn't gotten easier over the years. It's actually gotten harder. I see the love and devotion and concern they have for our family and I wish there was a way to make time together simpler and frequent. But we are here and they are there, and so we talk and email and Skype and pray between visits. 
Dad and Mom, Grandpa and Grandma... we love you and are thankful for you!

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