Friday, November 21, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Eleven Months

Say it isn't so. No way. Uh-uh. Not gonna believe it.

Except that the calendar doesn't lie and time doesn't stand still. So I guess it really is true: Jax, buddy, you are just one month shy of turning one!
You are a bundle of sweetness rivaled only by a blur of activity. For every smile you frequently give, there is a bookshelf you've emptied, a cupboard you've disheveled, or a drawer you've explored.
Some highlights from this month...

You you took your first independent steps. Still a ways from walking, but you're getting there. Until you have walking down, you're happy to push your sister's grocery cart or her doll stroller around. 
You discovered a sippy cup and have that mastered. I love watching your little cheeks swell with water as you gurgle from your cup.
You love to eat. Everything. Everysinglething. Pot roast and tenderloin, pizza and grilled cheese, mashed potatoes and pasta. I can't help but wonder if I'm a normal parent for ordering meals from the children's menu at restaurants for an 11-month old.
You love to be outside. The backyard sandbox, the slides and swings at the playground, the wagon around the neighborhood - it doesn't matter. You simply like the fresh air and new things to explore.
The time change earlier this month only slightly messed with you, and since it means you're ready for bed most nights by 6:30 I'm not complaining. You continue your habit of whining or crying for several minutes before falling asleep, but once you're asleep you're good until the next morning.
Jax, you are a true delight. An easy-going baby with a lovable personality. Your fuzzy head and tiny frame are perfect in my arms and I wish I could keep you little like this for a while longer.

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