Saturday, November 15, 2014

Before the Arctic Blast

News of the coming Arctic Blast was everywhere. Temps were going to dip to unseasonably low temperatures. So, before we had to "bundle up" for the 45 degree temperatures coming our way, we enjoyed an afternoon at a local park with an amazing playground and a Panthers Play 60 obstacle course. 
The boys raced each other in a 50-yard dash, and I pushed Jax in the stroller while Annalyse hustled her little legs down the track. I bet by spring Jax will be doing his best to toddle down the track and keep up with his siblings.
Micah was so busy climbing and timing himself on different things he opted to not eat lunch so that he could "be a record holder champion with the fastest time." A champion for what and a record holder against who, I'm not sure.
I'm scouring the internet looking for a place to buy a home-version of these obstacles for Grady Lee. Perfect Christmas gift, I think. If I can convince my husband to install these in our teeny-tiny yard, I have visions of asking Grady Lee to jump and climb and pound for half-hour increments in between school subjects, The energy he could release! It would be a win-win for everyone... except the neighbors who would have to look at this in our yard.
My heart. I love watching Jax explore. His smile, his curiosity, his energy. I know every parent talks about freezing time, but seriously, I would love to freeze time right now. He is in such a fun stage.
Here we are, a few days later, and the Arctic Blast has arrived. So much so that I've let my boys play XBox for two hours (unthinkable, I know), Annalyse is looking at books huddled under a blanket on the couch, and I'm on my fourth cup of coffee just because I want something warm.
The temperature? A frigid 40 degrees. Phew. Good thing we resume to the mid-50's next week.

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