Friday, August 1, 2014

My Mom and Their Grandma

She came! For five fantastic days to play, to help, to encourage. A sacrifice of time and money from her; a gift of love and generosity for us.

My mom and their grandma.
We swam a lot and she did her best to keep her head moving in all directions to answer each and every shout of "Hey look, Grandma!" "See what I can do?" "Watch this!" And she gave a thumbs up, round of applause, or shouts of affirmation each time. 
She played Horse and Around the World with my boys in the driveway, and also introduced them to the game of Spoons. Now, almost every evening since she's left, Grady and I have been coerced to play Spoons because we can't ignore pleading brown eyes from handsome little men who love their Grandma and who think "her game of Spoons is one of the funnest games to play with cards."
She read books, played dollhouse, and willingly put on a bonnet and apron to play Little House on the Prairie with Annalyse. That is real love.

She was tender and patient and helpful with Jax, who was teething and snotty nosed and not the happiest of all little people. And now that she's gone I'm trying to imitate her patience but I'm just not nearly as good as she is.
She helped me do dishes and fold laundry and she helped me assemble a school-related project for the kids. Who am I kidding - I helped her assemble it. She's way better at crafting than I am.
She is loved, treasured, appreciated. She is respected, needed, admired.

My mom and their grandma.

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