Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Family Play

A few weeks ago our family spent an afternoon at the US National Whitewater Center. As a family Christmas gift, we bought an annual membership so we could enjoy all the Center has to offer throughout the year. It's fun to take advantage of the chance to participate in things for couple-of-hour increments rather than an all-day obligation for a one-time ticket. Being active and being outside has been a great way for our family to play together.
My boys have limited fears with the various high ropes courses and are held back only by their physical limitations from being small. I haven't observed very many six and seven year-olds scurrying across the high ropes and I give them high props for their confidence and willingness to try new things. (And maybe, just maybe, there's a small sense of healthy competition between them as well!)

This past weekend I arranged for someone to watch the younger two so that the boys, Grady, and I could enjoy a couple hours of whitewater rafting. This was one of the most fun things I remember doing with my boys - ever.
Grady and the boys had rafted once last fall but this was our first time altogether on the rapids this year. We had a fun guide who was great with the boys and he was willing to do things that pushed us to the limits of staying in the raft. We all got soaked. We all thought we were close to going overboard. And we all had a great time!

Grady is considering renting a helmet with an attached video camera next time so we can film our crazy adventure. It would be well worth the cost if it means capturing the eyes-about-to-pop-out looks from my boys when the raft is positioned to surf against a rapid with water continually gushing in.
Rock climbing, rafting, canoeing, paddle boarding, biking, hiking, and using the zip-lines and high ropes courses. Plenty to keep us playing together outside all year!

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