Thursday, April 17, 2014

Simple Insights

What's your favorite thing to do once your school work is completed?

Annalyse: "I like to play with my dollhouse."

Grady Lee: "To dig a hole in the woods or play basketball."

Micah: "Play outside!"
What do you like best about it being springtime?

Annalyse: "I like to ride my bike lots and lots."

Grady Lee: "Wearing shorts and when Jesus rose from the grave."

Micah: "Water fights."
What are you most excited about for our upcoming spring break?

Annalyse: "Swimming at the hotel and to see the tall buildings in Chicago."

Grady Lee: "Seeing my hometown!"

Micah: "I'm excited about everything so I can't decide."
Can you tell me one or two things you've learned recently that you think are pretty cool?

Annalyse: "I like God. Jesus died but now he is alive!"

Grady Lee: "How hard it was to work when the pioneers went west."

Micah: "Nothing."
What is one word you could use to describe yourself?

Annalyse: "Uuummmm, reading."

Grady Lee: "Hardworking."

Micah: "Sports."

1 comment:

  1. You're going to Chicago!?!?! I bet you are so excited to see old friends and share your memories of that city with your kiddos! Have so much fun!!!