Monday, April 21, 2014

Jaxton Isaac: Four Months

Jaxton Isaac, at four months...

You're full of smiles and lots of giggles. The kind of giggles that come from deep down in your belly. It's precious!

You've figured out how to roll, but when you do it terrifies you and you scream until someone comes to your rescue. Whether you're on the floor playing or in your bed sleeping, you haven't realized how to use rolling to your advantage.
You like to make yourself heard and gurgle and coo a lot, and, sometimes quite loud. You're especially talkative in the morning and after your naps. It's like you wake up and have lots to say to make up for lost time while sleeping.
And speaking of sleep, you aren't sleeping through the night yet. There's a first for everything, and you're my first baby to still wake up at four months. You take three good naps each day and are always a tummy sleeper. 
You spent a lot of time outside this month - riding in your stroller, sitting in the Baby Bjorn, enjoying the swing. Between picnics at parks and walks in the woods, you're starting to learn that being outside is where our family spends a lot of time!
I was late in scheduling your well-visit checkup so I'm not sure how much you've grown in terms of weight and length, but I do know that you are growing fast. Late this month you moved out of 0-3 and into 3-6 and are in a size two diaper now. (Sigh...)
Jaxton, your eyes are blue, your hair is fuzz, and your smile is joyous. Your legs like to kick, your hands like to grab, and your eyes like to focus on other faces. You are a handsome little man, an easygoing baby, and a fun excitement to our family. 

You are loved and treasured. You are a gift and I'm grateful. You are God's workmanship and I marvel.

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