Monday, February 10, 2014

Outside Play

I love where we live. Close to a lake, close to many parks, close to walking trails... close to so many places for my kids to get outside and run and explore. Our yard at home is very small, which is not conducive to two active boys. Thankfully, we have options nearby for those days when I've got time to spend outside with the kids. Earlier last week was one of those times, and I'm glad we took advantage of the beautiful days since we have a couple inches of snow predicted for this week!

Temperatures were in the low 60's, the sun was bright, the sky was blue, and my boys were begging to play outside rather than fill in answers for workbooks. (And, if I'm honest, I'm always looking for a reason to skip workbooks and do something else!) We met in the middle - they needed to complete math, spelling, and grammar and then we'd take the afternoon to play.
Jax did what he does best and slept almost the entire time. My older three spent a couple of hours jumping rocks in the creek, building forts, climbing trees, and doing everything else possible to get wet and muddy and have fun. And me? I ventured in the woods behind my boys; I helped Annalyse balance on rocks; and I enjoyed sitting on a bench in the sun while staring at my handsome littlest man.
Of course my boys wanted to don their camo clothes so they could "blend in and sneak up on animals we see;" and of course Annalyse pouted for a good while that she didn't have anything "with green and brown to hide in the trees with Grady and Micah." I told her to put it on her birthday wishlist and she instantly replied, "Well, that's a long way away and I might not want those things theeennnn." My point exactly, dear, my point exactly.
Two hours of playing in the creek and in the woods, followed by a half hour at the playground, followed by another hour of football on the front lawn at home.

Fresh air. Piqued curiosity. Natural playgrounds. Moving bodies. Excited voices. Cooperative attitudes. Unique discoveries. All this, free of charge, with outside play.

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  1. We should definitely get Annalyse some cammo gear! Hilarious.