Thursday, February 13, 2014

Glimpses of Their Thoughts

The following are some snippets from the notebooks I have my boys journal in everyday. Some make me laugh; some make me cringe; and all show honest thoughts from young minds. (Everything appears in its original spelling. And, who is their teacher anyway?!)

Describe your Dad in five sentences.
1. He works hard.
2. He disaplins us when we disobey.
3. He is a good Daddy.
4. He wachis football with us all aftrnoon.
5. He plays sports with us.

1. He is kind.
2. He is fun.
3. He is good.
4. He is activ.
5. He takess care of me.
List five things that make you feel happy.
1. When I am playing with Micah.
2. When Daddy tayks me to a resterunt.
3. When I wach the NFL.
4. When me and Micah and Daddy resel.
5. When I hold Jax.

1.When I read the Bible.
2. When I am kind.
3. When I share.
4. When I obey.
5. When I go to church.
Write five sentences about Jaxton.
1. He is cuwt.
2. He is scwirmy.
3. He likes me.
4. He is loved.
5. He was born crying reyley loud.

1. He's cuete.
2. He's loved.
3. He skworms a lot.
4. He's a baby.
5. He half way smiles.
Make a list of five important manners to use.
1. Say yes mam and yes sir.
2. Do not burp.
3. Be respectful.
4. You take at least one bite.
5. You do not make funny fasis.

1. Say pleas.
2. Say thank you.
3. Say your welcome.
4. Don't burp.
5. Say ixuse me.
List five ways you can honor your parents.
1. I can help mommy and daddy.
2. I can take care of Jax.
3. I can not complane.
4. I can talk respecedfulley.
5. I can obey.

1. Clean my room.
2. When they say to do somthing do it.
3. Don't be wastful.
4. Listn to them.
5. Obey them.

List five things you are thankful for.
1. That God gave his son Jesus.
2. I am thankful for my familee.
3. I am thankful for my frinds.
4. I am thankful I have freedm.
5. I am thankful I can play socr.

1. A howse.
2. A car.
3. My dad.
4. My mom.
5. Jesus.


  1. Precious, precious thoughts...a reflection of their precious, precious hearts! In my book that equals an A++ for the teacher!!! And I am so sorry we have not met the sweet & skwirmy cute little Jax yet!! Hope to meet him soon!!

  2. I love the inventive spelling!!! ;) it's totally natural and apart of the language learning process :D