Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving was relaxed this year. It was simple. It was family. It was lots of food. It was football. It was board games. It was at home. And it was great.

The morning dawned with two of my boys dressing in layers and doing some serious stretching. It was go-time for the Charlotte Turkey Trot! Grady Lee has spent the past few weeks running a handful of miles every few days with Grady to help prepare for his first 5K. On more than one occasion after a run, Grady would mutter under his breath that it won't be long before Grady Lee outpaces him and laps him on the running track. My little man has some endurance and muscle buried somewhere in that skinny frame of his. 
Micah and Annalyse enjoyed cheering from the sidelines and were troopers in the unusual cold that morning. Micah is ready to join his brother in running but most races seem to have a minimum age that his five years don't meet. Annalyse observed each stroller being pushed by a runner and exclaimed, "Hey Mom! Next time you can run and push me and our baby bruder in the stroder!" I smiled, and lied, by responding, "Oh, that would be fun, wouldn't it!" Me? Run? On purpose? Pfsh. Not happening anytime soon, much less happening while pushing a stroller with two kids.
With what seemed like barely enough time, we wandered from the start line to stake out a spot at the finish line... and in a matter of minutes my two boys were running past! Both were smiling and running hard to cross the line strong.
They finished with the race averaging an 8ish-minute mile. Overall, Grady was pleased with their time considering all the people they had to weave around and the many layers they were wearing in the cold. And me? I'm pretty impressed with my little man who committed to practicing with his Dad and to giving his best shot at a "mostly adult race with lots of people that might touch me and bump into me and distract me." (Remember, he is my sensory kid!)
Our family spent a few hours on Wednesday preparing for Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner. Grady and Grady Lee were on apple pie duty; Micah and Annalyse were on pumpkin pie duty. Once pies were assembled and in the oven, the kids stayed busy peeling and mixing ingredients for a green bean casserole, sweet potato dish, baked cinnamon apples, and a jello salad. I figured it was best to make as much as possible the day before so that after the race on Thanksgiving all I needed to do was pop things into the oven.
Grady was in charge of the turkey and it was delicious. Our small family of five enjoyed a feast for a family of... hhmmm... a lot of people! I'm still shuffling through some left-overs, even though I bought the smallest turkey I could find and even though I cut most recipes in half for serving suggestions.
Much to be thankful for - yes. Much to be grateful for - yes. Much to be content with - yes. Much to be appreciative of - yes. We spent time opening cards with questions and discussion prompts while we ate our Thanksgiving meal... a simple way to, all together, reflect of some of the many things we have to be thankful for.

And now we're well into the Christmas spirit. And the countdown until #4 arrives. And the countdown until a certain little boy turns a big, whopping six years old. So much happening - all in the next four weeks!

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