Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giving Thanks: My Little Girl

When I discovered I had a baby girl growing in me, my heart nearly burst with joy. Not because I was crossing fingers and hoping for a girl. Not because I was disappointed with two little boys before you. But simply because my heart was so full of love for the chance to be a mom to your brothers that the thought of being a mom to a little girl as well was almost more than I could imagine. 

I was so thankful.
Annalyse, at the tender age of three, you've shown great flexibility. You aren't intimidated by loud noises, rough boys, and new people. You smile just as big when you're playing in the muddy creek trying to catch minnows as when you're wearing your heeled shoes and costume jewelry playing dress-up. You adjust to new homes and situations and are usually able to relax and play and sleep without a problem. The last couple of months, in particular, you've been put into many new places and situations with new people and you've adjusted with obedience and compliance.

I'm thankful for that.
You love your Daddy - you prefer his hugs at night, his help brushing your teeth, his piggy back rides up the stairs, and holding his hand when we're out and about. You giggle when you give him butterfly kisses and laugh deep down when he hovers over you and tickles.

Annalyse, I'm thankful that you love your Daddy. A constant prayer of mine is that you're respect him always. He is your biggest cheerleader and greatest advocate. He's promised to be faithful to you and our family for ever and ever. Not many little girls have that gift to cherish.

And that's something to be thankful for. Very thankful for.
You are eager to help me clean and cook and grocery shop. What you don't have in height and strength and experience you make up for in willingness. Usually simple household chores take a lot longer when you help me, but I wouldn't trade your eagerness to learn and help for anything. I'm happy to give extra time to washing pots and pans if it means you are participating and we are together.

Right now you enjoy playing with baby dolls, and I really love that. You're at a wonderful place in life where you'll be a great help for me as we welcome our newest little boy to the family soon.

I'm thankful for these interests you have.
Because of you, Annalyse, I am working on slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life. Looking at lobsters while we grocery shop; blowing seeds off dandelions while we walk to the park; using five disinfectant wipes to clean the bathroom sink when I only need one; comparing family sock sizes while folding laundry instead of hastily matching them and putting them away. The simple things - the things that capture your attention, bring questions to your mind, and lead to me sharing stories from when I was a little girl.

Thank you for reminding me to find pleasure in the mundane.
Some nights when I watch you sleep, cradling your baby doll; or when I eavesdrop and listen to you read books in your rocker; or when I watch you choose an outfit for the day and try to match it with the same color bow and socks; or when I see you grab the cheeks of one of your brothers and insist they look in your eyes while you talk - those are just some of the moments that I can't imagine my life not having. Those little tiny pieces of ordinary life that are extraordinary because they involve you.

You are precious in my life because a gracious God gifted you to me and I'm forever thankful to him for you.
Psalm 126:3 "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."


  1. And praise God the bangs are back! :)

  2. You do such a great job capturing moments with your sweet lil daughter that otherwise would be forgotten! Such a sweet post, and I LOVE the silly pics of you two looking at each other!