Sunday, September 29, 2013

When Love Visited

A week ago, just before dinnertime, Grandpa and Grandma pulled up in front of the mailbox and I had three kids scrambling to get out the front door as fast as possible. After thirteen hours of driving, my parents arrived and immediately began to play and laugh and tickle my three beyond-excited and will-you-please-do-this-and-this-and-this-with-me kids.
Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning went really fast. Some call it a long weekend visit; I call it a short few days together.

They enjoyed watching my boys play soccer; celebrating Annalyse's birthday a few days early; exploring the National White Water Center; and just playing games here at home. A simple visit with two people our family loves dearly and misses terribly.
My dad knows my boys are studying birds this year in their science work, and he brought all the supplies necessary to help them assemble bird houses. It's safe to say that the beautiful pine birdhouses he helped them make are a lot finer quality than some of the furniture in my home. Projects with wood and his tools are never sub-par.

"Maybe someday Grandpa can help us make a shelf that comes off the ceiling in our bedroom so that our baby brother can have a bunk bed in our bedroom, too." This is one piece of quality furniture, however, that I actually don't want my dad to make.
It was a morning of sad goodbyes when they waved from their car and drove to the end of our street. It never gets easy saying goodbye; never. They say they're excited to come back in December when our newest little boy arrives, and I know they are. They'll do whatever needs to be done to help my family and to show their love and support. But, that still means a sacrifice of time and effort to come, and I don't take that lightly.
My parents were gone for only a few short hours, and already my kids showed signs of We Prefer Grandparents Over Maternal Parents syndrome.

Annalyse informed me I wasn't playing "going to the library and running errands the right way." Apparently Grandma pretend plays way better than I do. And, she's willing to take pretend play orders from a three year old.

Micah lost another tooth late that morning and before I could capture a picture of the changed smile, he had the phone and was asking to call Grandpa and Grandma.

Grady Lee told me I wasn't using a fun voice for the spelling words and that "using tools for science with Grandpa is more fun than using colored pencils with Mom."

So, pretty please, Dad and Mom, know that our family loves you. We miss you, We appreciate you. We value you. And, it goes without saying, but, we know you offer a whole lot of fun when you're around!

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