Saturday, September 28, 2013

27 Weeks

I've reached the home stretch! Sort of. The remaining 13 weeks have potential to fly by or crawl by. As most been-there-done-that moms know, the hope is for a seemingly quick last trimester. 

It's time to meet this little man who's been busy growing and kicking, and time to stop the unexpected bouts of nausea and the round-the-clock fatigue.
My husband is wonderful - ready on the call to give a back rub, to pick up take-out for dinner, or to manage the bedtime routine with the kids if I'm not up to it.

My kids are fantastic - full of kisses to my belly, one-way conversations to my belly as they inform their baby brother that he is loved, and throughout-the-day prayers for a healthy arrival of their new baby brother.
This little man, my handsome and much-loved gift, is named. His bed and his closet are ready for his arrival. His family is ready to meet him. And this mamma is ready to hold him, stare at his face, kiss his small head, and whisper endless I love you's.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sonya! But, I CANNOT wait for my little bundle to arrive. Seeing your pics has my heart longing all the more. :)

  2. You look BEAUTIFUL!! Glowing & so sweet! And I know you cannot wait to hold that precious baby boy!!! So excited for you!