Friday, September 13, 2013

Field Day & Ice Cream Party

I'm thrilled to be homeschooling my kids. And I'm thrilled to be doing it alongside some pretty fantastic families.
Thanks so some incredibly-creative, party-planning, detail-minded, hard-working friends, over 80 kids enjoyed a day away from schoolbooks and enjoyed a day of games outside instead! The weather was perfect; helping hands were plenty; attitudes were fantastic; injuries were avoided; and everyone enjoyed a great day competing.
I'm happy that my boys have playmates of all ages - not just fellow first and second graders. I'm happy that, for the most part, I never needed to worry about watching Annalyse because she was looked after by older, doting girls. I'm happy that my kids can play together and learn together in the safe context of family. I'm happy that my kids can participate in some wonderful opportunities and that they experience events from start to finish: planning details, setting up, tearing down, saying thank you.
Time with my kids is a gift. Homeschooling is a gift. Both are treasured and timeless gifts.
After a full morning of running events, relay races, and an obstacle course, we gathered at tables and on blankets to enjoy a picnic lunch. My boys ate half their lunch with me on a blanket, another part in the woods while climbing a tree, and another part while trying to hula hoop or shoot water guns. Freedom to play. Freedom to explore. Freedom to move. Freedom to be, well, free for the day.
To top the day off, tables were covered with ice creams and a spread of all the toppings you could want for delicious sundaes. The fun and laughs didn't seem to end today.
When the fields were cleared, supplies put away, the ice cream drips hosed off tables, and friends long-gone, the kids and I trooped to the van head home. All three were sweaty, sticky, pink-nosed, and wearing chocolate drips on their shirts. Clearly signs of a great day.
To homeschooling friends that may read this: thank you for your help and participation today. The more the merrier! To my kids who aren't reading this but still need to know: I'm happy we're doing this thing called life together. We've only got one chance to do it and you're the ones I want to do it with.

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