Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Soccer

It's that time again! Thursday evenings = practices. Saturday mornings = games. During the week = expectation and excitement. My boys are all in when it comes to soccer. 
Grady is coaching both teams with the help of some great co-coaches. After a few years in this rec league, we're starting to look for the next step in competitive play. My boys aren't amazing, but they are skilled. My boys aren't the top of the league, but they are willing to work hard and play hard. Who knows what this spring holds.
Earlier this summer our family enjoyed an evening out watching the Charlotte Eagles play. Since then, my boys are continuous talk about playing professional soccer someday, and their favorite want-to-wear-all-the-time shirts are the t-shirts that the Eagles players signed when we were at the game.

Most mornings my boys know they have a half hour to watch TV while they wait for breakfast and the school day to start. Cartoons? Nope. Nine times out of ten it's European soccer games. They rattle off team names and player names with a specific statistic or two, and I try my hardest to smile and pretend I'm totally in the know with what they're saying. But then they stop me and say, "Mom, you really don't know much about soccer, do you?" Oops. Secret's out.
So far no rain-outs for Saturday games. So far grandparents from both sides have been able to come or are planning to come and cheer my little men on. So far a couple of wins and a couple of losses. And, most importantly? So far a whole lot of fun.

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