Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Grand Haven, Lake Michigan

"Mom! This ocean doesn't taste bad when you get the water on your lips!" ~ Micah's comment after diving under the fresh water in Lake Michigan.

"How come this beach doesn't have palm trees or sea creatures to collect?" ~ Grady Lee's question while walking the shore of Lake Michigan.

"This ocean water is freezing and the waves are super easy to jump over. The ocean in Michigan sure is different that the ocean in North Carolina, huh?" ~ Micah's observation after a day in Grand Haven by Lake Michigan.
I was so happy for some days in the mid-80's while our family was in Michigan last week. It had been years since I spent time at the beaches of Lake Michigan and I had every finger crossed for good weather so the kids would be able to enjoy a day at the beach with their cousin and Grandma.

Growing up, my summers were spent on the shores of the Great Lakes. Grand Haven, in particular, is a short 40 minute drive from my parents home and a wonderful beach town with a lovely pier.
Unless you've spent time around the Great Lakes, it's hard to imagine and appreciate just how big they really are. Having seen the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from various states, I can honestly say that the magnitude of the Great Lakes really does give the impression that they are an ocean. Minus the palm trees. And tides. And sea creatures. And shells. And large waves. And salty-tasting water. But still, impressive and beautiful.
Annalyse dipper her toes and decided the water was too cold and kept far away for the rest of our day there. Miss Priss made herself comfortable on a beach chair and indulged in snacks all day.

The boys, however, were off and running into the water in no time. They dug a huge hole and attempted to make it big enough for all three of them so they could enjoy "a hot tub by the cold lake."

My mom and I, well, we just enjoyed kids happily playing together with the fresh breeze on our faces and the warm sun on our backs. It was a perfect day.
While walking down the pier, my boys were mesmerized by some teenagers running and jumping or flipping off of the pier and into the water. I wanted to tell them that I did the same thing once and enjoyed every minute of it, but not wanting them to get any ideas for their immediate future, I kept my daring past to myself. I can even remember times walking out on this pier and huge waves crashing up and over it. Or, of walking it in the winter and big blocks of ice floating out in the lake. Beautiful in all kinds of weather.

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  1. I love those pics!!! They are absolutely adorable! And I love the kids do such a good job capturing them that when they look back on these posts...they'll be able to relive it! Hope that someday we'll be able to jump off the pier into the Great Lakes! :-)