Sunday, July 21, 2013

From Their Perspective

What was your favorite thing we did during our time in Michigan?
Grady Lee: All the times we got to play with Landon.
Micah: Going to the beach with Grandma.
Annalyse: Playing with Grandma. She pushed me on the swing.
What did you like best about the beach by Grandma's house at Lake Michigan?
Grady Lee: Getting buried in the sand.
Micah: Swimming in the water because we pretended to fight and wrestle in the water.
Annalyse: The beach was scary. I not like the water there.
What did you notice that was different in Michigan compared to North Carolina?
Grady Lee: Lake Michigan is a lot colder than Lake Wylie by our house.
Micah: Their summer was different because it was breezier and colder.
Annalyse: It's colder.
How much will you miss Grandpa and Grandma?
Grady Lee: Tons! Tons! Tons!
Micah: Well, I don't really miss people very often. Maybe about a one.
Annalyse: A whole lot.
We went to Michigan last winter with lots of snow, and again this summer when it was warm outside. Which season in Michigan do you like the best and why?
Grady Lee: I like summer best because it's warmer and we can go to Lake Michigan.
Micah: Um, I like the winter the best because you can build snowmen and have snow fights. It's really fun.
Annalyse: In the snowtime.
What was your favorite thing you got to do with Landon?
Grady Lee: Building the deep hole at the beach together.
Micah: Play fuse ball and air hockey.
Annalyse: I didn't play with Landon, just the boys did.
Did you like the road trip in the van to get to Michigan? How come?
Grady Lee: Kind of. Because it was noisy with Annalyse and I didn't really like that.
Micah: No! Because it was very, very long.
Annalyse: No. No.
Do you think our family should ever move to Michigan? How come?
Grady Lee: No, but we should move to a state that's in the middle of all of our family.
Micah: Maybe, because we would have more snow in the winter. 
Annalyse: No, stay at our house.
I bet Grandpa and Grandma are reading this. What do you want to tell them?
Grady Lee: I love you so very much, and I miss you a whole lot!
Micah: I love you!
Annalyse: To come here soon!

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