Sunday, May 26, 2013

So Long From This Side of the Atlantic

This week has been busy with packing and organizing and list-making and errand-running. Why? Oh, for no particular reason other than I leave on Sunday with just my husband for eight blissful days in Switzerland

Grady returns for a week and half business trip and we've got four days to sight-see and explore together, and I've got four days to rest and read and eat (!) and shop on my own. And, he anticipates work being done by 6:00 each evening, which gives us ample time to enjoy long dinners and to wander hand-in-hand. 
Not sure if I'll take time to post pictures and blog while I'm gone. I know I'll have much to share, but with limited time in Switzerland I'd rather be out and about than behind a computer.

In the meantime, if you think of it, join me in praying for my three darling and highly-energized kids and for those who will be watching them. Eight days is a long time to have someone else managing your home and routine, but I think my kids will be fine. In fact, they're more excited about who is lined up to watch them than they are about my promise to find something special to bring home for them. 
My tender seven-year-old did ask, though, "if the baby will be okay being on an airplane" and if I'm "hiking in the mountains or eating a lot of Swiss concolate?" I promised my little buddy I'd do my best to take care of the baby, and that together, we could ask God for grace and health.

It's a strange feeling, actually, to travel abroad without being in the context of missions trip. Previously, all my trips to other countries have involved building projects, ministry programs, and flocks of precious kids. Not this time. And I'm not sure what to think about it.

So, until I'm back in the good old US of A, this is me saying o-u-t!

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