Friday, May 24, 2013

I Knew It Was True

I knew it was true when I began to prefer Diet Sprite each morning over my usual habit of coffee with vanilla creamer.

I knew it was true when I was eating lunch at 10:30 am. And when I was eating lunch, again, by 1:00 pm.

I knew it was true when I teared up while watching baby chicks hatch. For serious.

I knew it was true when I felt impatient and raised my voice with my kids for very petty reasons.

I knew it was true when my husband sprayed his cologne and I started to gag.

I knew it was true when I found myself kneeling in front of the toilet. That all-too-familiar position brings back memories and initiates prayers in the same breath.

And, I for sure knew when the home pregnancy test gave me a much-anticipated positive display. Phew. Glad that small symbol could verify my reason for constant nausea, overwhelming fatigue, senseless tears, and quick impatience.

Join us in praising God for another addition to our family?

We are elated, beyond excited, and rejoicing over this answer to many prayers.
We're anticipating #4 to join our family in middle to late December. Unlike #1 and #3, I haven't lost weight due to continuous vomiting. Thank you, Jesus, for a lesser degree of nausea, but oh-my-goodness, at only nine weeks into this journey I've already gained four pounds. Gulp. I usually lose weight the first trimester, so this is new territory for me. Thankfully I can live in elastic-waisted skirts this summer.

My kids were so happy to hear about a new sibling joining our family. And, understandably, full of questions about if this baby was going to be healthy and grow strong and "live until it was time to be born." I could only respond by reminding them that God has plans we don't always understand, but we do know his plans are for our good and for His glory.

Join us in praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby?
Grady Lee is convinced it's a baby brother and has suggested that we name him Lebron James. "Lebron would mean he might be good at basketball and James would mean he might like the Bible because James is in the Bible." Wow - did you follow that logic?

Micah is sure it's a baby girl but doesn't have a name suggestion. If it's a boy, though, he thinks Joshua is perfect "because Joshua and the story about Jericho is my favorite Bible story."

Annalyse tells me it's doing to be "a baby sister for my bedroom" and that we should name her Chris Tomlin.

Rest assured, Grady and I already have two names picked out and the decision has been made. And no, Lebron didn't make the cut.


  1. Congratulations, Peeler family!

  2. Beautiful!!!! Love the video and we are so so happy for you! Praying for a healthy pregnancy.

  3. Loved the video...thanks for sharing your special moment of reveal with us! Will definitely be praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! Hugs from PA!! xoxo

  4. You two take creative to a whole new level!!! :) beyond excited for y'all and praying for sweet Baby LeBron!!

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! So excited for you! Congratulations on your new little blessing! -Erica

  6. Thanks, friends! We are elated and trusting God to bring this little one to us in December.

  7. You know that we are praying & are SO excited for this new addition to your family!!!! But watching this video totally brought tears to my eyes! SOOOOOOO sweet & cute! And I loved watching you on the video trying to keep a straight face, priceless! Congratulations again!!!