Thursday, May 9, 2013

Riverbanks Zoo

I've lost track of how many play dates and field trips I've counted as a school day this year. It's been a lot. A whole lot. And, even for those days when we're out and about doing things that are very unofficially school, I can still chalk it off as an official school day with a quick hour or two of reading and math work when we get home. The flexibility is beautiful.

Earlier this week we met my cousin and her boys for a day of fun - and learning - at the Riverbanks Zoo. Which, if you're in the Carolina's and haven't ventured there yet, it's a fantastic zoo and is one of the best zoo's our family has visited. (And we've been to a lot of zoo's!)
The drive there was sunny until I exited the highway. Clouds loomed and soon water drops sprinkled. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, the skies opened and it poured. No worries, my boys were excited about puddle jumping and Annalyse thought holding an umbrella was pretty cool.

To hustle out of the rain, our first stop was the penguin house, and, amazingly, when we left the building the rain had stopped, the clouds were gone, and the sun was out. Perfect. 
Aside from a handful of school groups, the zoo was fairly empty and we enjoyed seeing all of the animals without waiting. And, thankfully, the animals seemed to be up and at 'em that day! We watched them run and jump and eat and play - no lazy bears hiding in the back corner this time.

After four hours of walking, my little crew was tuckering out. No one whined or had a tired attitude, but I could see the dawdle in their steps and their frequent request for a drink or a snack. After packing up to go, I had two sleeping kids before I was even a handful or miles down the highway. That left just Grady Lee and I to chat for the hour and a half drive home.
"The zoo has lots of cool animals, Mom. And it's even cooler that God is so inventive to know how to make to make them, huh?"

"It's kind of strange that zoo keepers know how many animals are dying and about to be extinct but they don't know about all the babies that die in their mommies' tummies. That's kind of sad."

"I think that petting the giraffe's was my favorite. Maybe someday if we have a bigger backyard we can get one. Or even just borrow one for a while."

"I like going on trips with our family because we get to all be together and learn about nature. And, I can be a helper to push the stroller so you don't get so tired, right?"
A great visit to the zoo with perfect weather with awesome family. And it was an official school day. Score.

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  1. We LOVE Riverbanks Zoo! So glad that you had a wonderful field trip there today!
    Oh, how precious that Grady Lee is!! Please let me know when you get/borrow a giraffe, we would love to come over & pet it! ;-) Feeding the giraffes is always a highlight!
    Oh, and so insightful about extinction vs. abortion...what a wise kiddo you are raising there!
    Yay for the wonderful Zoo day & lots of learning & connections made!