Friday, May 17, 2013

End of the Hiatus

Would you look at that. It's already Friday and our School Hiatus is over. Next week we'll have everything wrapped up and officially begin summer break, but, sshhhh, don't tell my boys that. They're under the impression we're just taking a relaxed approach to school for the next few weeks. 
Our week away from school work was a good one. Mini golf, swimming, playing outside, and a movie in the middle of the day - just what this tired mom needed before the final oomph. And I think just what my three kids needed, too.
We did begin reading Pilgrim's Progress this week and my boys are literally on the edge of the couch waiting for me to begin each page. We're about eleven chapters in and they would love it if I'd spend an entire afternoon reading to them, but I'm taking the enjoy-it-in-small-pieces approach. It's been years since I last read Pilgrim's Progress, and I admit, I'm really getting into it, too. I know what to expect but it's a new experience to read it and hear my boys connect the dots to the spiritual and biblical allegory that's presented.
I don't think I've mentioned, but my better half has been out of the country for the past two weeks. He's on a top-secret mission in Switzerland so the kids and I have been fending for ourselves. Actually, Grady Lee has stepped up as man of the house on more than one occasion. He's attempted to fix the chain that fell off his bike. He carried in all of the groceries the other day. He's insisted on buckling Annalyse into her seat every time we go somewhere. And he wheeled the trash and the recycle to the road. He's a keeper I tell you.
Tomorrow evening My Man should walk in the door, likely very tired and likely very ready to crash in bed. But it won't matter because he'll be home and we'll be together. He's been so intentional these past two weeks to call almost every day, to text and send pics each day, and to upload a handful of videos to show us what he's seeing and doing in Switzerland.
Micah has asked numerous times "if you have bought a Swiss watch or some Swiss cheese or a Swiss army knife for us yet?" and each time the answer has been no. Hopefully the little guy won't be too disappointed with simple Swiss chocolate. Grady Lee said during dinner tonight that, "I just can't wait to hear Daddy's voice with my own ears instead of through the phone. I miss him so much!" Me too, buddy, me too.

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