Thursday, April 11, 2013

This Week By the Numbers

I sat down this afternoon to respond to a few things via email, and my mind wandered to some "quantity-related" things from this week. Several things seemed to happen in unusual proportions this week.

Three scraped knees, one scraped elbow, and one scraped inner thigh. Yes, that's right, inner thigh.

Several red ant bites, or actually, lots of red ant bites. There are too many to count.

Three melted-and-dropped-on-the-driveway popsicles. Any guesses on who was the guilty one? I'll give you a clue: a feisty two-year old who wants to eat popsicles her own way.

Two didn't-make-it-to-the-bathroom-in-time accidents. One from a little guy who would much rather play than stop and use the bathroom; and one from a little girl who was asked to play in her room until her whining stopped and she didn't think to come out of her room to use the bathroom.

Six trips to church for various meetings and activities. Six trips. In one week. That's a lot. A whole lot.

Three cups of McDonalds drive-through coffee. Did you know it's free this week during crunch time for filing taxes?

Four phone calls or face-to-face meetings with beautiful college girls who actually let me me be a small part of decisions or situations in their lives.

Five completed school workbooks. I have two boys who are thrilled to be almost done with first grade math and phonics. And, if it matters, they have a mom who is equally thrilled to be almost done with first grade math and phonics!

And, finally, a bazillion and one tissues used because pollen dust is everywhere and everyone is sniffing and sneezing.

It's only Thursday afternoon. What other incidents remain for the last three days of the week?

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