Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is in full swing over here. 

I have switched our closets from winter attire to spring and summer. Everyone has a couple new pair of sandals (and blisters to prove it). Everyone has a new swim suit. I've even moved sunscreen and beach towels down to the laundry room since the kids have been playing with the hose and water guns. 
Grady and the boys have fertilized, seeded, mowed, and trimmed the lawn. The boys and I have laid and spread mulch. I've planted flowers and have turned up the garden and prepared it for seeds. The kids have spread several bags of sand around their sandbox. Just need to power wash the house and and paint the shutters and the mailbox... any volunteers for that fun job?

I've emptied, swept, and organized the garage. The kids have vacuumed and washed the cars, and, of course, their bikes.
I've reorganized closets and shelves and cabinets and, as a result, have dropped off several bags and boxes of things to Goodwill. It feels so good to be "lighter" in my house.

The boys have almost finished all of their "necessary" school work for the year. Grady has researched and ordered new shelves, desks, and chairs for the school room. And I've got just-about-final plans for next year's curriculum. We've decided to give school about two hours to school each day so that we can get out and play before the hot summer weather arrives.
And, most importantly, since Spring has arrived I've invested in multiple boxes of band aids, neosporin, bug spray, sunscreen, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and popsicles. I've relocated several buckets and containers for frogs and lizards and bugs.
What about you - has Spring sprung yet?


  1. Nope...well, spring is almost sprung...but spring cleaning has not. Kind of hard to get anything done when a baby takes one 45 minute nap a day at home. If you'd like to volunteer to come do my house, we could use your help here!!