Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CHAMPS Spring Soccer

Aaaaand, we're back at it: soccer.

Making mid-week practices. 
Playing Saturday back-to-back games. 
Remembering water bottles. 
Un-knotting cleat laces. 
Untangling shin guards. 
Applying sunscreen. 
Putting on jerseys. (Wait, are we home or away this week?) 
Packing snacks. (Uh-oh, is it my week to bring snacks for the whole team, or *gasp* both teams?!) 
Finding a parking spot. 
Locating which field we're on. 
Setting up lawn chairs and blankets. 
Taking a certain two-year old across the field and up the hill and down the sidewalk to use the bathroom.

Phew! And then it's finally game time.
Aaaaand, so that also means...

Cheering loud. 
Smiling big. 
High-fiving a lot. 
Hugging occasionally. ("We are tough boys, Mom.") 
Keeping score (proudly, but discreetly of course). 
Admiring my man with his and sons playing together. 
Admiring my sons as bestest friends. 
Enjoying little kid shouts and team chants. 
Smiling about grass stains because it means playing hard. 
Watching simple plays become successful team plays. 
Listing to incessant at-home chatter about practice and game replays.
Aaaaand, so we're back at it: soccer. 
Game on!

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  1. And for would be...sniffles and sneezes...and hives from the grass! Ha ha ha!! :-) Have a SUPER fun season! Can't wait till our lil girls join in on the fun!