Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Break: The Memories

A week in Michigan with family gave ample time to make memories. Memories like...

... sleeping in because I knew my Mom would take care of getting breakfast going.
... enjoying my Mom's cooking. Best pork tenderloin. Ever.
... sipping hot coffee while watching huge, fluffy snowflakes pour down.
... seeing lots and lots of extended family.
... remembering why I'm so grateful for the family God gave me.
... sledding with my kids.
... throwing snow balls at my brothers and knowing they were "mature" enough now not to haul off and blast me back. 
... watching Annalyse snuggle with her Grandpa.
... hearing my Dad agree to a night walk in the snow with my boys, even though I knew he was tired from a day of work.
... seeing my boys laugh at my Mom's crazy antics. (Pfsh, she is sooo not a laid-back Grandma.)
... hearing my kids say Grandma and Grandpa and I love you in the same sentence. Lots and lots of times.
... roasting marshmallows in the fire and cracking peanuts by the fire.
... card games. More card games. And, even more card games.
... watching my boys stand in awe of all Grandpa's tools in his workshop.
... being kicked out of the living room by my boys because it was a "boys only time to play games with Grandpa."
... watching my boys bake with their Grandma and work in her kitchen. They stood on the same chair at the same counter and used the same measuring cups as I did as a kid.
... seeing my kids transition easily into Sunday school at my parents church and realizing that they are well on their way of discovering that church is always important. Even on vacation. And even when they don't know anyone around them.
... hearing my brothers laugh with my boys and watching them wrestle with them. It annoyed me growing up, but now I'm grateful for it!
... spying on my boys and my nephew playing games together. Little boy conversations are actually quite interesting.
... watching Annalyse carry around and play with the baby dolls I had as a little girl.
... sleeping in a comfortable bed because my parents insisted on using an air mattress while I was there. Sacrifice. Always, always the first to sacrifice for others.
... listening to the weather report each night and the forecast of more snow each day. 
... waking up to new snow each morning and hearing the shouts of glee from my boys when they looked out the window.
... marveling at how much fun my boys had playing in the snow. Being southern boys I thought for sure they'd wimp out in the cold, but they pleasantly surprised me with how daring they were and how long they stayed out to play!
... thanking Jesus for the blessing of homeschooling. The flexibility has afforded our family many unexpected blessings this past school year.
... laughing at Annalyse who wandered everywhere behind her Grandma. Almost like a little puppy and just wanting to be wherever Grandma was.
... listening to my boys pray and thank Jesus for the chance to be in Michigan and the chance to see family and the chance to have fun.
... being thankful for a husband who loves me, loves his family, and loves the chance to serve us with extravagance and humility. He gave much so that his kids and I could enjoy much. (Thanks Babe. You are one in ten million and I get to call you mine. There is no greater privilege!)

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  1. Amen to all of those!! Now we just have to recap on all the memories to get us through to next time, right? :-) And I have to agree...what a great guy to drive you up there and bring you home...he must love you or something! :-)