Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Break: The Family

We love living in North Carolina and are beyond content with where God has placed us. But, that doesn't make it any easier to live so far from family and people we treasure. 
My parents have been generous with their time to make several trips to see us each year, but, for various reasons (namely three little people!) it's been hard for us to make it to Michigan more than once a year. We are thankful that the distance to extended family is driveable and doesn't require a flight. But, I'll be honest and say that 12 hours is a long and tiring haul.
Both sets of my grandparents are still well and in good health - but I know things can change quickly and that our visits together are gifts of time. I'm thankful my kids have enjoyed a handful of meals and games and laughter with their great-grandparents, though I know they won't fully appreciate the beauty of that time until they're older and relive those memories through pictures. What I do know, is that they are loved and prayed over by name by two sets of great-grandparents. And that's a treasure. A priceless treasure. 
I'm thankful that during our quick week in Michigan we were able to enjoy several visits with the people who made me possible and my kids possible! And, I'm thankful that my kids weren't shy and were willing to hand out hugs and read stories and teach games and endure kisses.
And, check out these handsome guys below. My "little" brothers. Because they pulled sleds, threw snow balls, and joked with my kids they now have my boys asking "if Uncle Joe and Uncle Jeremiah can come to our house someday and maybe even to our birthday parties?"

The third little guy in the pictures is my nephew - just two weeks younger than Grady Lee. It was a riot to watch the three boys instantly fall into step together and play and laugh like they're always together. Kids have a way with doing that, huh?
In addition to fun in the snow and dinner events with extended family, I enjoyed just being home. Well, being in my home away from home. Coffee by the fire while talking to my parents. Waking up in the morning and hearing my mom busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready. Watching my dad patiently answer questions (lots of questions!) about snow and tools and fire and anything else that randomly crossed by boys' minds. 

Being home was a rest. Being with family was a gift.


  1. Oh Sarah! I am so glad you had such a wonderful visit with your precious family! I KNOW how much you treasure your time and I'm so happy you were able to get away for a visit!

  2. These posts are making me cry...probably because I'm living in the afterglow of being with family...but also because it makes me realize just how blessed we are to have such amazing families!!! I'm so glad y'all ended up going even with all the snow! And I pray that it was a very healing time!!