Monday, January 21, 2013

End It Movement (dot com)

There are 27 million slaves today. Men, women, children. They work in brothels, factories, quarries - as slaves. Against their will and forced to do the unthinkable. And they don't have a voice.

For about $90, a person is bought and sold and traded and exported. That's what some people pay to watch cable each month. Or to attend an NFL game. Or to enjoy dinner out.

Slavery is known to exist in 161 countries, including the United States. This is a global problem. Not a hidden problem and not a third world problem.
About 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States annually. That's about 48 people a day who become slaves here - in America - the land of the free. And guess what? The average age of a slave in the United States is 14 years old. I went to school, played volleyball, and talked with my girlfriends when I was 14 years old.

Roughly 80% of slaves are women. They are raped, sexually exploited, and abused for profit.

And the lives of these 27 million people who are robbed of dignity and freedom? The slave industry profits $32 billion by using and abusing innocence.

So now that we know this, what do we do?

Begin by visiting Discover the facts about slavery. Learn how to take intentional action. Join the movement.

There is power in knowing. Knowledge can produce a loud voice that compels action. And, there is also accountability in knowing. Once you know about abuse you cannot ignore it with a clean conscience.

To help end slavery, you don't need to give money - but you do need to give your voice. Follow End It Movement on Twitter at #enditmovement or on Facebook by clicking here.

Also, to view a short clip produced by CNN and the launch of the End It Movement at the Passion 2013 Conference, click here.

Alone we can do small things. Together we are a force for good.
We sang this song multiple times as an anthem at Passion 2013. It encourages steadfastness in the trial because we know the victory has already been won. This song speaks Truth because it speaks from God's Word.

During our final worship session, all 60,000 of us held an image of a slave that has been rescued and is now receiving the love and help they need to live restored lives. Each face we held represented a victory in delivering a soul from the darkness of man into the glorious freedom and love of God.

Watch this and listen to the words. You can't help but throw your hands open in surrender to God: what petty things in life do we hold on to that pale in comparison to the battle God has already won on our behalf?

End It Movement (dot com). 

I'm in it to end it - are you?


  1. Chills and tears, Sarah! What an incredible experience to have been part of...can you imagine what it'll be heaven??? Wow! I too pray that all of those there will now turn and put aside all things petty and make a difference in this world! Thanking God for you, friend!

  2. My heart breaks at the thought of modern slavery, I cannot fathom the horror that is reality for so many, TOO many. Thank you for sharing a way to become involved & to help make a difference! I want to help END IT, too!