Monday, December 31, 2012

Headed to the Dome!

It's New Year's Eve. I bet a lot of you are celebrating with family and friends. Not a lot of late-night-into-the-early-morning celebrating happening over here. Wanna know why?

Early tomorrow morning, Grady and I join 28 college students from our church for Passion 2013. We're headed to The Dome in Atlanta, GA for four intense days of spiritual growth. We have the privilege to hear God's Truth read, taught, sung, and prayed with 60,000 other college students.

My husband is a rock star and secured an amazing hotel with the best possible location for our group. But, with that many thousands of people in that small of an area for that long of a time period, I'm anticipating long elevator waits, long restroom lines, and long food lines. But, on the bright side, with long waits comes great opportunities for conversation, laughing, and memory-making!

Join us in praying for God to do what only he can do? For his name and his renown to be proclaimed. For his glory to be on full display. For his Truth to be proclaimed. For his life-giving and life-changing Gospel to permeate each heart and soul. For the tens of thousands that aren't at Passion 2013 but that will be watching live via

Take a look at this preview of what's to come:


  1. Woohooo...praying for hearts to be softened - ears to be opened - decisions to be made - resolutions confirmed - friendships deepened and above all for GOD TO BE GLORIFIED!!!

  2. Everything that Celia said! I know this is a highlight of your year. Praying for your trip!! (And just a little jealous!!)