Saturday, November 10, 2012

Past Due Updates

Sometimes life is happening so quickly that I forget to share details about milestones with my kids. I'm sure 99% of the world isn't interested in the day-to-day, but I want to remember some of the mundane specifics in several years when my babies are grown and out of the house. And, I know there are grandparents that beg for details about their little ones that change so much between our visits.

So, for the mundane specifics, here goes:

Grady Lee
A couple of weeks ago my six year old finally lost a tooth. He had been waiting and wondering when it would happen, as it seemed he was among the last of his peers to lose a tooth. He came home from AWANA and it was dangling - literally - by the teeniest little thread. Grady gave it a wiggle and out it came! Our family danced and celebrated, and I think the rest of the culdesac heard the party. We whooped and hollered and made a big deal of it finally happening. 

The tooth fairy, apparently, had no $1's on her and was forced to give $5 to this happy little man. Since losing his little tooth, he has offered a wide open mouth to anyone who will humor him and look - he is all too excited to show off his new smile.

And, since I'm so delinquent in posting this oh-so-exciting news, he now has another tooth dangling and ready to come out and another one that has the slightest little wiggle to it. Give it a few weeks and he'll have an odd smile, for sure.
A big highlight for Micah is his progression in reading. He's doing great with sounding out words and putting short sentences together. Certainly not a fluid reader, but Mr. Not-Quite-Even-Five-Years-Old is rockin' my world with his aptitude and eagerness to learn.

Micah is full of hilarious one-liners and random facts about anything and everything, and he will share them at the most unexpected times. He has conversations with cashiers and leaves them teary because "he's such a sweet and polite young man," and he he has his pediatrician convinced he'll be a journalist or a lawyer because of his "ability to speak so eloquently." For me, though, he's just an overly-chatty and overly-inquisitive kid that leaves me mentally exhausted most days because I have to always be on my toes.
Better late than never, Annalyse finally had her two year well-visit. She checked out great in everything and the pediatrician, once again, confirmed "that giraffes give birth to giraffes." Well, then. At least she didn't suggest our family was elephants! Annalyse measured in the 75% for height and the 25% for weight.

She is not a fan of the doctor and made that clear from the moment she walked into the room: "No! No! I no go! Mommy, no pwweeaase!" followed by sobs and wails. Annalyse got two fast shots that helped ensure a solid three hour nap that afternoon.

Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and she cracks all of us up with the new things she is saying. She knows some colors and shapes, can count to five, and still has an attitude that shows she thinks she runs the show. (I assure you, though, she doesn't!)


  1. I love all of your sweet kids! Whoo-hooo that Grady Lee lost his first tooth!! Always a fun milestone! When we had our first lost tooth SO many years ago, it appears that the Tooth Fairy was out of all small bills & had only a $20! Thus, the going rate for first teeth was set, ouch! Thankfully, subsequent teeth are FAR less valuable!
    Love that sweet pic of Annalyse at the end & her beautiful smile!

  2. far from mundane. this is the beauty of life. what a house full of blessing. and what in the world are those poor children playing soccer on? guess that is what grass looks like in your neck of the woods :)