Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where Do I Live?

My eldest stopped munching on his breakfast cereal the other morning and causally said, "Hey Mom - look at the spider hanging in a web by the slider door." I admit, I didn't turn around and look and offered an indifferent "Uh-hmmm." Spiders on our deck - totally normal. We face the woods.

But, when Annalyse started frantically saying, "Mom! Mom!" and making roaring noises like an animal, I turned around. 

Lord have mercy.
I don't know what kind of spider this is. I don't want to know what kind of spider this is. I don't care what kind of spider this is. I just know I don't want to find another one like it anytime soon. Or ever, actually.

I'd like to share how I removed this beastly critter, but it's more than you want to know. Trust me. But I promise you I heard every bone in its body break so I know it's not returning.
Not long after this episode, the kids and I got our bikes out for a morning ride. Micah rolls his bike back and exclaims, "Hey look! A snake skin!" Grady Lee, of course, quickly slammed through anything in his way to see what Micah had found. He concurred: "Yeah! A snake molted in our garage! Can we get our magnifying glasses out and investigate it?"

My first thought was, "Goodness - you are indeed an eager homeschooled kid. Simmer down." But, in the time that same thought was happening I was also thinking, "Good grief! I bet this stupid snake is here because he can eat spiders like the giant one I just killed!"
An hour later we returned from our bike ride, and as we were standing in the driveway waiting for the garage door to completely open, I watched a mouse scurry across the floor.

I'm not kidding.

Where in blazes do I live? What is this place I call home? We are being overrun by vermin!


  1. My hope is that the snake will eat the mouse, not that I like snakes but mice are not my favorite either. This is why I live in the city, in the north,dont do yard work and have three sons! :) Best of luck to you.....


  2. This is so crazy...Tyler just took out the garbage and I went out to help him...and as I was walking past there was a HUGE spider scurrying across the floor. Bleeeeehhh! He's dead now - the spider. But be thankful you don't live in the desert! Scorpions, rattle snakes, coyotes...

  3. have the makings of your own little zoo going on over there;)