Friday, October 5, 2012

Week of Magic

Tomorrow begins a week of magic and adventure. A week of new experiences and lasting memories. A week of lots of walking and lots of watching. A week with rides and shows and food and fun. A week at Disney!
I have two very giddy boys who have watched a hundred YouTube clips about everything Disney; one happy little girl who jumps and yells and copies what she sees her brothers doing to show their enthusiasm; and one very excited husband who is ready for a week of nonstop family fun.
First up: a day with extended family. Time to catch up, enjoy the pool, and relax after a long drive south. 

Then, several very full and very fun days doing everything Disney. Watch out theme park attenders: my husband has maps and instructions and plans of attack that will leave you gasping for breath as we hit the ground running.
Thank you, Hilton, for a generous reward system that provides a suite, breakfast, and shuttle service for our family all week. Thank you, American Express, for restaurant gift cards that will cover several meals for our family while traveling. Thank you, Juli and Sara, for the insights and details on how to make the most of each day at all the parks. Thank you, Ryan, for tickets to Disney on Ice - it will be the perfect end to our Disney vacation.
And, thank you, Handsome Husband of Mine, for working hard, saving hard, and planning hard to treat your family to something magical.


  1. I can only imagine the spreadsheet you have put together for this trip! I guess a day or two at Disney turned into a week! Have a magical time...and don't forget to ask for your free "1st visit" buttons at the ticket window for the kiddos! Luckily you're within driving distance, so there's no risk of getting stuck there for several extra days and then end up having to drive halfway to NC to stay with family until the snowstorms past like we did. ;) Oh the memories...and even with the drama, it was still magical! Cannot wait to see pics!

  2.,! HOW FUN! So totally thrilled that you guys get to enjoy this awesome & fun week at Disney...and I'm just a wee bit jealous! It also sounds like you guys have the plan to beat all plans! Praying you have a wonderful trip full of all kinds of sweet memories!! I agree with your SIL, I thought immediately of the spreadsheet G must have & I cannot wait to see pics, too! ENJOY!!!

  3. Sarah - We had such a great timea at Disney last spring! I'm so happy for you all : ) enjoy!!

  4. So excited to hear about your trip and how the little ones enjoy it. It is so magical for kids that age! What a treat.