Sunday, October 14, 2012

Disney On Ice

We have friends with connections. Friends in (sort of) high places. Friends that are generous. And friends that know we have young kids who would be thrilled with the chance to see Disney on Ice and that their parents would be thrilled to see Disney on Ice for free
I never would have thought that some friends we met in Chicago, almost 10 years ago, would move to Los Angeles and that we would move to Charlotte and that we'd stay in touch and get together from random time-to-time. Those classy, go-to-church-with Hollywood-stars friends very graciously gave our family four tickets to almost front row seats to Disney on Ice this weekend.
In typical Disney style, the program was amazingly done with attention to even the smallest of details. I have to admit, I was enthralled and found myself singing along to some of the classic ballads from Little Mermaid and Toy Story
Mickey and Minnie opened the show and they transitioned each new segment, along with Donald Duck and Goofy. First up was Cars - which was the hands-down favorite for my boys. When Mater and McQueen raced onto the ice we could have called it a night and gone home. They were elated!
Next, Ariel and several of the Little Mermaid cast danced around the ice while bubbles floated down from the ceiling. Micah couldn't get over the fact that "that girl is doing gymnastics while she is ice-skating so she must be very strong!"
Grady and I decided that our favorite segment was with Tinkerbell - great costumes, great visual effects, great songs, and great skating.
The second half of the show was dedicated to Toy Story and it was a total hit. Aside from the too-much Ken and Barbie love-skates, it was great to see all the other characters. And those army men - way too funny to see them march on ice and slide down ropes!

And, now that we are back from our week at Disney I'm sifting through pictures in between loads of laundry. Hopefully I'll get some posts up this week to highlight some of our time there. (Hear that Mom? Later this week, kay?)


  1. Fun fun fun! I love that you captured their faces...totally focused!

  2. How FUN! And right on the heels of your trip to Disney, the timing was great! Looks like it was an amazing evening out & what a wonderful blessing to enjoy it for FREE! Dear, sweet friends, indeed!