Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Outer Banks - Nags Head, NC

I know, I know. I've been a little slack on blogging lately. But for good reason, I assure you. Sun, sand, surf, family, and fun have topped any blogging priority!
We arrived in Nags Head in the Outerbanks on Sunday and have been enjoying fantastic weather with extended family. What a perfect way to say good-bye to summer before deciding to acknowledge that it is already September and fall is on its way.
My kids really like the water. Love it, actually. Sand has been in every conceivable place and enormous waves have swept them all under, but pure delight and huge smiles prevail!
We've rented a big house with more than enough space for five adults and six kids. We each have our own bedroom and bathroom, along with plenty of living space to spread out and enjoy movies, air hockey, pool, and games. Not to mention a backyard swimming pool and hot tub, too. It's wonderful!
With cousins to play with and a Nana to do (literally) whatever my kids ask, there hasn't been a chance for anyone to utter the unthinkable: "I'm bored!"
The waves have been really big, which makes for great boarding and wave-jumping. The temperature has been hot, but not unbearably so. The wind has been soft, the sun has been out, and the beaches have been empty. Win!
Every summer since moving here, our family has chosen a new beach to visit. We've never explored the Outerbanks area and thought it would be a good middle point for family coming from PA and NJ. Plus, there are lots of great activities aside from the beach that we've been able to enjoy - but more on that later.
We haven't found any calm beach areas with shallow tidal pools for easy swimming or for catching minnows and starfish, but on the flip side, the waves have been really big and that's been a new kind of fun. I'm not sure if the size of the waves are because of the recent hurricane, the time of year, or just the way the ocean and tide roll in this area.
Today is Wednesday and we have four more days of fun in the sun - should I be surprised that I already have over 300 pictures? I know, I need to ease up. It's just so hard to not want to capture darling smiles, new experiences, and family togetherness. I love the beach. And my family. And vacations. And...
Here's to a great four days already, and to a great four days remaining: Peeler Family Beach Trip of 2012!


  1. Looks fun and relaxing!! I'm happy you have a such a sweet ending to the summer : )

  2. What a beautiful, fun, relaxing, memory making time you are having!!! And a date last night too, huh? :-) Missing you and hoping we can connect when you get back! Enjoy those sun soaking days!!