Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Early Birthday

Our week at the beach has included an early birthday party for Lil Miss Annalyse. Since extended family was together and it was only three weeks prior to her big day, Nana suggested balloons, cupcakes, and gifts for the almost two-year old.
And boy oh boy, did she get fun little girl gifts! Some sweet cousins and a generous Nana spoiled her with baby dolls and oodles of accessories to help her be a darling mom-in-training.
With lots of eager hands to help her open gifts and show her how each new toy worked, Annalyse was content to watch everyone around her - but no one was going to get away with holding her new baby doll! That was hers and hers alone.
Grady Lee passed on some little man advice to his newest cousin Lukas, and Micah gave some right-hand assistance in helping Dad assemble baby doll furniture for Annalyse.
Thank you, Nana, for some fun toys! Now Annalyse can use an actual high chair for her baby dolls rather than the back of her brothers dump trucks.
While Annalyse was off playing with her new dolls, and being taught how to put a diaper on her doll by her two helpful older cousins, we enjoyed some time with sweet Lukas.
This little guy is wonderfully laid-back and easy to love. Grady Lee couldn't stop touching his peach-fuzz hair "because it is so soft - even softer than my favorite blanket at home," and Micah kept asking "how much longer until he can be big enough to play with us?"
Soon it was time to light some candles and sing to the birthday girl. Annalyse wasn't thrilled about the lit candles or everyone singing - or, maybe it was the loud noisemakers everyone was eagerly blowing - but she was more than ready to lick her pink frosting!
That's my girl! When faced with emotional stress or circumstantial uncertainty, sugary icing and moist cupcakes will quickly solve all temporary panic.
Thank you to a fun and thoughtful family for sharing your love with Annalyse and helping her welcome in Year Two (already)!

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  1. Just weeks shy of her 2nd birthday, NO WAY! Isn't this your tiny BABY girl? SO glad you got to celebrate Annalyse's birthday a bit early with family & cousins, how FUN! And all of those frilly, girly, pink toys are sure going to make a statement in a playroom of tools & rescue vehicles! Love your sweet, almost 2-year old girly girl!